Digital volumetric dispenser

The Lusitronic are digital volumetric dispensers with impulse transmitter, dosage preselector and the possibility to work with or without control glass to check the operation visually. The liquid suction and impulsion can be carried out by a single reversible pump or by two pumps, depending on the specific features of each installation.

These equipments have several security timers to avoid wrong dosages and overdosages, diverse programs to save preselected dosages and the option to work either manually, with the preselector, or connected to the computer system of the plant. They have also the capacity to work with more different flowmeters than the more basic dosifiers.


They include more and different security timers than the others control panels, up to 9. They are the next:

Alarm 1: Power failure. It indicates a breakdown of the electrical grid.
Alarm 2: No pulses are detected during the dosage.
Alarm 3: The glass is not being filled. The lowest level sensor is not activated after a while.
Alarm 4: The glass has been filled over the maximum. The highest level sensor has been activated.
Alarm 5: The time to fill the glass has exceeded over the limit.
Alarm 6: The glass does not empty.
Alarm 7: Empty tank: The actual level of the tank is less than or equal to the level preselected.
Alarm 8: Empty tank start. It goes off in PC mode when a dosage is started with the level under the minimum preselected.
Alarma 9: It goes off when the selected quantity is more than the maximal capacity of the glass.

But the Lusitronic have also a tenth alarm, which is the possibility to connect any of the alarms to a remote visual or light warning which is going to work when any of the others alarms goes off.

Data on screen

During all the dosage sequence the screen shows different data with relevant information about the operation in process, such as the pending volume to dose, the quantity already dosed, number of program or the alarm if it is the case.

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