ADS 4.0

To control and command one or two systems

Displayed in a hermetic case, the ADS is a two products doser.

A new generation logic controller allows to manage the two systems, each one with its pumping system, a flow meter pulse transmitter and a control glass if it is required.

Its software is specially developed for these applications, with every function required for a volumetric dosing.

Very simple to use, due to its 3.5 inch color touchscreen, dosing preselector, instant average flow rate display and several posiblities which are highly appreciated factors for the dosing and metering systems.


Power suply three-phase 380 V or single-phase 230 V.
Security given by times monitoring, lack of impulse, etc.
Postponed start input.
End of cycle beep.
Remote alarm.
Consumption totalizator.
Redosing delay cancellation.
With or without control glass mode.
Manual, local or PC working.
Multilingual: French, English and Spanish.
Models to place on a desk or on a wall.

Options (depending on the model):

Dosing and defaults MicroSD recording.
Dosing and defaults ticket printing.
Dosing double control with a second flow meter.

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