Admixture dispenser system

The Contamax dispenser is operated manually or switched automatically to work with the batching plant cycle.

Housing Box

Housing Box

    Every Contamax dispenser is assembled with a single self-priming feeding pump which takes up the liquid from the admixture tank and discharges it automatically wherever you need it. The dose is preselected in the control pannel or PC and it is measured by the flowmeter device.

    The pump aspirates the liquid from the tank and drives it through a filter to clean it. Then it pass through the flowmeter to be metered and a fluid detector which avoids that the flowmeter keep on working when there is no liquid.

    The system is also equipped with two check valves, to avoid inverse flow, at the inlet and outlet of the circuit, and a second inlet to clean everything with water.

    All the assembly is protected by a polyethylene box against external agents.

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