The complete solution

This project presents a complete dosing system for the additives in a single container which storages and supplies up to 16,000 liters. The additive is dosed by a pump equipment from four storage tanks. Each storage tank is made in high density polyethylene and can contain up to 4,000 liters.

The technical specifications of the dosing pump will be defined according to the properties of the additive.

Every tank includes also an agitator to remove periodically the additive (according to temporary parameters established). Therefore the properties of the additive will be remained.

The container has a spill containment feature which may contain up to 4,000 liters, to prevent any possible leakage from the tanks or hoses. This receptacle is integrated under the container, above ground level, to collect any possible spill. The tank will be manufactured at a sufficient height to store up to those 4000 liters. The floor of the container will be, then, a galvanized grid.

The steel roofing, the steel walls and lining steel sheet (corrugated) will be galvanized too.

An electrical panel is included to control the automation of the whole installation.

All the final details and specifications should be clearly defined by the customer to develop and complete the whole project.

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