Volumetric portable equipment

The B-92 are portable equipments, made to be taken where a dosage is required. A control measuring glass assembled with a reversible pump which feeds and discharges that glass into the mixer, together in the same equipment.

They can be controlled manually with a button installed on the pump to feed and discharge.

High-quality Materials

High-quality Materials

Manual Control

Manual Control

Control Glasses

Control Glasses

    The control glass can be made of methacrylate, PVC or glass, depending on the liquid to contain specifications. Its capacity can be from 3 to 25 litters.

    Single-phased 220 V or three-phased 380 V motor. The equipment bear up to 3 bar of inlet pressure.

    For all kind of liquids, either aggressive or non-aggressive, even those with high levels of viscosity and density.

    Reduction of costs and room.

    Security and guarantee due to the visual control glass.

    Metallic structure painted with anticorrosive impression.

    It is perfect to work inside the recipient with the liquid to dose, due to its capacity to be portable. Very useful in small precast concrete installations, for metering colorants or for other chemical procedures which need a reliable dosage with a tight budget.

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