Dosing systems installation

We greatly appreciate the trust relationship between us and our customers. Your company will no longer be concerned with problems related to the dosing of liquids and enjoy the benefits of working with a partner that always offers the best solution to your necessities.

So many years of experience have taught us that the best management is the result of the custom valuation. As soon as we show the characteristics and specifications of your system, we will be able to assign the most appropriate means and equipment.

We evaluate the tasks to be performed, the place and the conditions and we take care of the installation and commissioning of the system.

Integral Maintenance Service

The installation of the equipment and the advice for its correct use is as important for us as a quick and efficient response of the maintenance service. We have several technicians throughout the country who allow us to offer the most honest, efficient, competent and agile service, with a level that has not been achieved by any other company.

We take care of our equipment, but we can also help you in case you need to repair or improve any other equipment from any manufacturer. Use the contact information on this website to let us know what you need.

Calibration and Certification

INGESA systematically conducts inspections of our dosers in the plants of our customers. The objective is to provide a quality service and perform preventive maintenance, as well as a control of anomalies and their possible correction.

We start making a general review of the main elements of the plant. Then we analyze the volume collected in a given time, both at the stage of filling and emptying. In Spain, this calibration is intended to precisely adjust the dosages and to ensure compliance with the law, which indicates that the tolerance allowed shall be ±5% of the weight or the volume required. In other countries we simply adjust to the rules and legislation.

All of the patterns used in the measurements are contrasted by the competent bodies. For example, the test tube are calibrated by DAkks (Ref.16206-16219 of 03/2017).

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