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We specialize in designing, manufacturing and maintenance of admixtures dispensers for the construction industry.

The high increase of the automation of these specialized equipment has led us to a continued expansion, being now the leader of this sector in Spain and one of the manufacturers with more prestige in Europe. We have a wide range of products with an unbeaten quality and reliability. And, the most important thing for us, we adapt always ourselves to the needs and requirements of our clients, designing and manufacturing custom-made equipment, with which they have been built, for example, the following constructions:

  • Infrastructure of the AVE
  • Major Events
  • Emblematic Buildings
  • 90% of the Civil Works in Spain
  • Construction of Great Buildings
  • Modern Mining Infrastructures
  • Reconstructions in Natural Disasters
  • Infrastructure of the AVE

    Infrastructure of the AVE

    As pioneers in our sector we have been present in the works needed for tunnels and bridges in the AVE infrastructures (Spanish high speed railway), contributing with all the innovation required.

    The high speed railway in Spain is the largest network in Europe and the second in the world behind China. Our equipment has played a fundamental role in those sections where the safety and reliability of the work had to be fully guaranteed.

  • Major Events

    Major Events

    We have brought our wide experience and know-how in the major events carried out in Spain, contributing significantly to their big success.

    We highlight the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and the Seville Universal Exhibition (EXPO 92), both projects of a huge complexity and in which there was a great deal of pressure. Our equipment worked perfectly and helped to meet the tight deadlines of completion.

  • Emblematic Buildings

    Emblematic Buildings

    We collaborate constantly with many multinational companies of great international projection, advising and offering our equipment so that they can carry out their projects with full guarantee.

    They are projects of great international relevance, in which the innovation and quality make of our equipments the best solution. An example of this is the case of CEMEX, a specialist company in the manufacture of white cement, which built the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

  • 90% of the Civil Works in Spain

    90% of the Civil Works in Spain

    We specialize in designing and manufacturing customized equipment. That is why we have participated in the achievement of the main infrastructure of public and civil works.

    Our solutions have been used largely in the construction of the country's roads, tunnels, bridges, ports, airports, railways, dams and canals, working side by side with prominent companies such as Ferrovial, ACS or Acciona, just to mention some of them.

  • Construction of Great Buildings

    Construction of Great Buildings

    We have cooperated with the construction of the Olympic Stadium, the Palau Sant Jordi, the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools, Hotels, Shopping Centers and Residential Areas.

    Our equipment have been responsible of the admixture dosing in the concrete and mortar plants of all the previous projects, gaining guarantee, efficiency, productivity and service according to the requirements and needs of our customers and, above all, at a very competitive price.

  • Modern Mining Infrastructures

    Modern Mining Infrastructures

    Mining has evolved vertiginously. INGESA has a great experience in this field with clients such as the Tasiast Gold Mines in Mauritania.

    In Spain we work in the sulphide mine in Aguas Teñidas (Huelva-Andalusia) and in the copper and nickel mine in Aguablanca (Extremadura). Our solutions allow to project the concrete as an element support and also to make consolidating injections, filling and waterproofing.

  • Reconstructions in Natural Disasters

    Reconstructions in Natural Disasters

    Our company has a special commitment to face the necessary reconstructions after a natural disaster or a major military conflict.

    We are always ready to collaborate with the authorities, not only rebuilding destroyed housing, but also as soon as possible the hospital infrastructure, schools, dining rooms and places to sleep. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Admixture Dispensers

Used by great construction companies for more than 40 years

Our equipment feed accurately just the required admixture to make concrete or mortar, improving their final properties in an clever, clean and economical way. They are prepared to work with all the admixtures available on the market: fluidifying, waterproofing, water repellents, antifreeze, plasticizers, retarders or accelerant of the hardening time, expanders, air entraining, multifunctional, etc. In addition, they have been designed from the beginning to work without problems under the most extreme conditions: heat, cold, humidity, dust, acid environments, etc.


We create specific solutions for companies from different sectors. We design, manufacture and maintain the ideal dosing equipment for each client, coordinating all the activities and optimizing costs and processes.

Our Research and Development Department (R&D) gives us the security and reliability to embark on projects in other sectors, such as:

Solids Dispensers
They can be volumetric or by weighing. Thanks to our constructive design with worm gear, they can even dispense small products (such as microfibers) of very low weight as well as granulated and powdered products such as: rice, legumes, sugar and salt, detergent, feed, flour, bicarbonate, cement, chemicals, etc.

Liquid Dispensers
- Dispensers for Paintings.
- Dispensers for Solvents, both for painting and cleaning.
- Dispensers for Wine Industry.
- Dispensers for Oil Industry.

Irrigation dosing machines

Projects for Cement Manufacturers Companies
Cement mills by injecting the additive directly into the mill, either continuously or with dispensers.

Silos Projects
Loading and unloading systems for all types of substances stored in silos.

We offer a full service, supporting the customer during all the phases: from the preliminary study, to the choice of the materials, designing and development of the project, manufacture, shipment and assembly, optimization and maintenance, until, after many years, dismantling and recycling of the equipment. All this managed from a single source:

  • Consulting, Planning and 3D Design
  • Custom programming of control equipment
  • Manufacturing in Spain
  • Delivery and installation anywhere
  • Maintenance and problem resolution
  • Recycling and Security
  • R+D+I
  • Consulting, Planning and 3D Design

    Consulting, Planning and 3D Design

    Our Engineering Department proposes, with speed and precision, the equipment that best matches the requirements of our client in order to offer him the optimal solution as soon as possible.

    Also, the Department of Engineering Design can draw in CAD any prototype requested by the customer, together with their respective technical drawings. At the same time, our engineers work in close collaboration with the sales department, as well as production and suppliers, in order to be able to participate in the whole chain and to acquire and bring greater added value.

  • Custom programming of control equipment

    Custom programming of control equipment

    We offer a custom programming service to meet the needs of any specific project, where the standard solutions are not able to cover the project specifications.

    We have a team of highly qualified engineers to overcome any technological challenge, regardless of the project dimensions, and a designing team that works together throughout the development cycle, in order to comply with the 100% of the requirements and expectations of any client.

  • Manufacturing in Spain

    Manufacturing in Spain

    INGESA has committed that all our design and manufacturing processes are carried out in Spain. This way, we have become a reference in our country with international expansion.

    Our products are handcrafted by professionals with more than 10 years of experience, paying attention to the smallest detail throughout the production process and offering products of proven quality and verified by our quality management system.

  • Delivery and installation anywhere

    Delivery and installation anywhere

    We have signed agreements with worldwide shipping companies, which allow us to send our equipment anywhere in the planet.

    We are a company that is constantly growing, always looking abroad internationally. We are currently building our network in Latin America. In addition, we guarantee compliance with all the legal requirements and we offer the necessary technical and logistical support.

  • Maintenance and problem resolution

    Maintenance and problem resolution

    In addition to the installation of our equipment and the personal advisement to our customers with their proper operation, it is also important to assure an honest and effective maintenance.

    With our experience in the technology sector and the strength that gives us our business career from 1977, we are always available to ensure rapid and effective responses through a whole series of delegations and factories in exclusive, scattered throughout the territory, that gives us a reliability and guarantee that no one else has reached.

  • Recycling and Security

    Recycling and Security

    We are a company committed with the environment and with the safety at work. Our goal is to promote a work environment in the best possible conditions and to anticipate any accident.

    We believe that with our way of working we can reduce the production of non-biodegradable wastes and we use again our resources, reducing the impact of our activity in the world. In addition, all our workers are involved in this cause and are proud to work with the maximum respect for the environment.

  • R+D+I


    Our R&D Department is in constant contact with the state-of-the-art developments in the market and in continuous search for new technological advances, to achieve the best performance of our equipment.

    We work in synergy with engineers from other scientific fields in order to adapt the technological advances, combining technology and experience, to our customers' needs. At the same time, our R&D department analyzes the market to efficiently advise our clients.

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