Basic and fundamental volumetric dosifier

The Lusitania are analogue volumetric dispensers which includes impulse transmitter, dosage preselector and visual control of the operation by means of a glass. The liquid suction and impulsion can be carried out by a single reversible pump or by two pumps, depending on the specific features of each installation.

Among all their functions, they have a security timer to avoid wrong dosages and overdosages and the possibility to work either manually, with the preselector, or connected to the computer system of the plant.

Working manually

This operation can be selected simply by a two-way switch placed in the back side of the device. With this switch in the manual position we can select the quantity to dose with the preselector, just pressing the numbers according to the quantity required.

After that we click the start and the dosage initiates with the liquid suction from the tank, filling the control glass until the two numbers in the little screen of the device match. Then the charge sequence finishes and three seconds after starts automatically the discharge of the liquid to the mixer of the plant.

Working with computer

In this case and with the switch in the PC position, the preselector stops itself from counting and the control pass directly to the computer of the plant, which commands the charge and discharge orders of the dispenser.


It is perfect for any industry that requires flowmeters for the admixtures by batches or pulses, manually or by computer.

It is suitable for all kinds of liquid, conductive on not, corrosive or non-corrosive, even for those that tend to make foam or viscosities. We can use whichever pump, joints, connectors or hose to guarantee that the installation is going to work properly.

The control glass can be made of methacrylate, PVC or glass, depending on the liquid to contain specifications. Its capacity can be from 3 to 25 litters.

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