Low Flow

Continuous low flow liquid dispenser

This equipment is especially suited to provide liquids in installations where a continuous low flow is required. It does that the liquid recirculates continuously.

The filling equipment receives the liquid from the tank and drives it to the mixture constantly. The minimum that it is able to keep is 6 liters/hour, 0,1 liters/minute. For higher flows it may be necessary to change any of its components, either the pump or the flowmeter.

The assembly has the pumping system, a control touch-screen and a PID control inverter. The inverter controls the speed of the pump, modifying its frequency when it is necessary. A flowmeter is assembled at the outlet of the pump, checking the liquid flow instantaneously and sending the data to the inverter. This way the inverter changes the speed of the pump by its frequency if the instantaneous flow is different to the preselected. The flow can be selected at any time by the control touch-screen, which is connected to the inverter with an special wire called ModBus.

The control of the flow can also be carried out by the PLC of the plant. To indicate to the inverter which order has to give priority to, whether the PLC or the control touch-screen, we have an option on the same control touch-screen.

Everything is integrated into a polyethylene box to protect it against external agents.

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