Volumetric dispenser to measure and control liquids

The Dosamat dispensers are operated manually by a single push button or switched automatically to work with the batching plant cycle.

Every dispenser is assembled with a single reversible pump which supplies the measuring glass from the admixture tank and discharges it automatically to the mixer when the preselected dose is measured. The dose is preselected manually with an scaled electrode. In this case, with a reversible pump, as it must be always below or, at the most, at the same level of the liquid tank of the plant, to keep the control within sight and reach of the batcher operator, we separate the equipment in two parts.

But it also can be assembled with a single discharge pump which works together with an external feed pump to supply the Dosamat glass. In that case the equipment is assembled in a block.

The available capacities of the measuring glass are from 3 to 25 liters.

Single-phased 220V of three-phased 380V motor.

For all kind of liquids, both aggressive and non-aggressive, even those with high levels of viscosity and density.

Security and guarantee due to the measuring glass and the safety scaled electrode.

Very useful in concrete batch plants, block plants, pre-castworks or whichever construction site which needs an accurate dosage with a tight budget.

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